Quality gifts to DIY or buy on a budget!

There are two types of people in this world. People who love getting gifts and people who love giving gifts. Nothing brings me more joy than GIVING. My heart is just full when I give my loved ones gifts. It may not be top notch expensive gifts but hey, it’s from the heart! I hope my DIY’s and/or gifts I bought in the past can inspire you to spark some ideas of your own.

Now just a *disclaimer*
Just like any other crafty DIY, these gifts require a bit of creativeness and patience. If the thought of holding a paintbrush scares you or you aren’t a natural born artist, ask an artsy friend for help! If it just so happens that you have no artsy friends then just try your best. Your little mess ups are like your own signature touches. True originality!

Trying to find the perfect gift for your cousins, aunt, and uncle? Do you have so much family that you already know you’re going to exceed your budget? Here is a family gift that you can easily DIY!

Surname plates

Although I made these the night before, I had so much fun making things for both my families ♡

These gifts are perfect for house warmings and family gifts. This first gift I did is something I did very very last minute. I wish I had more time to plan out designs and colours so don’t be like me. Plan plan plan! Especially with DIY’s I encourage buying extra supplies just in case you completely mess up and spell a name wrong. I got my supplies at Michael’s but would definitely check Joann’s and Hobby Lobby first since Michael’s can be a bit pricey.

Since I am not very artsy, I asked my brother to help with the design and painting. I went online to choose a font and size of the text to fit the board. After I was satisfied with how the lettering will look I printed it out and traced it on the board. Then went over the tracings with black paint and voila! All done!

The website I used for printable font and sizing is here

This next gift is another great gift for families as well but a bit challenging.

Photo Prints on Wood

Photo by Angie Muldowney on Unsplash

Surprise surprise! Another DIY project with wood! I don’t know what it is with wood crafts but I just love how unique of a gift it makes. This project is for sure to add a rustic touch to a nostalgic gift! A unique gift with photos? Can’t go wrong with that!

Parental Perspective has a great step by step DIY on how to transfer photos using temporary tattoo paper. I got all my supplies at Michaels however, check other craft stores that are way more affordable like JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.

AVOID MY MISTAKES: What I found a bit challenging was placing the photo on the wood and peeling off the paper film. You really have to be careful doing this because the paper is very heavy and sticky once it leaves the film. Once it sticks to something, it sticks and you will have to start all over! SO BE CAREFUL!

Another method is using Mod Podge. But I did not enjoy my end result. I found my pictures to come out foggy and not as clear.


Support small businesses and shop online! Etsy has a TON of great handmade gifts with a wide range of styles. They lit-er-al-ly have any gift you are looking for! Not to mention, prices are affordable and reasonable. I wanted to find any rose related jewelry for my best friend. Seriously doubted that I would find anything cute but low and behold, this bracelet could not be more perfect.

This route is not something to leave for a last minute type of gift though. I have had trouble with shipping due to the fact that these are small businesses and they have a lot of orders to ship out. So be aware and order a month ahead! To be safe at least.

I hope this short list can give you ideas on what to gift your loved ones! There are so many creative minds out there so I would love to hear some of your ideas. Leave a comment and help me expand ideas 🙂

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