Goals & Healthy Habits I want to start practicing in 2020

And hopefully, I can stick to these throughout 2020!

I used to see new year goals as being kind of a joke and call me negative, but a cycle of commitments that tend to die down by March (I’m looking at you, new gym membership people). Now that I am getting older, you would think wisdom and knowledge from past mistakes would make me…better?! SUPRISE it didn’t. 2019 definitely did a number on me though. And I will say, I felt more aware of the bad habits I have and toxic traits that made me reflect more on my personal growth. I need structure and discipline for this new year or else I am convinced that I love to make my life harder for myself. The fact that I’m turning a quarter of a century in this new year makes it more motivating for me to actually want to glow up!

Time Management

In 2019, I went through so many moments of “I should have done this last week”. Last-minute errands that made me want to literally kick myself. My procrastination is the worst! Do you know any dummies that tried to go Christmas shopping on Christmas day?! No? Well, I do..me! I’ve thought of a couple of ways that I can start managing my time better.

I bought myself a planner to organize important dates and prioritizing tasks. I could easily use an app on my phone but apps tend to just sit there, unused. I’m the type of person that needs to have something physically in my hands to actively use it. Another way I plan on managing my time well is by having a schedule daily. I have a schedule for my daughter but not really myself. I want to get in the habit of starting my day earlier at 10 am. That way, I can complete more than 2 errands and not get stuck in traffic!

Saving & Budgeting

I know for a fact where all my money went towards this year…food😅. Me not being a good cook is a big factor in this. Practicing being a good cook is added to my list so I can stop this bad delicious habit. I also plan on putting away a changeable amount into my savings. The reason why I didn’t choose a static amount is because I believe any amount is good. $100? Save it. $5? Save it. $1? Save it! It will all add up and pay off in the end.

Using a notebook, I wrote down a few things I want to put my savings towards. This helps me organize my money. I’m still looking up ways and ideas for this goal. So if you have any tips and suggestions, please share 🙂

Post on My Blog More

I have definitely been lacking on my blog. The hobby that makes me happy. I want to be able to sit down and put in the work by creating something every week. Hopefully, I can be in a place where I am able to post twice a week! My goal is to dedicate more time and nights to this. I can’t wait to fully commit to this and am so ready. There are so many ideas I have, I know you guys will be happy to see what I have in store!

Along with writing, I want to take more pictures! More visuals for my blog are much needed.


I don’t have much to say here because my solution is mainly my diet. I plan on changing my diet to eating more like a rabbit. So I can have more energy to do things during the day. I’m no expert but I feel like diet is the solution to anything. Which brings me to my other health goal. Take better care of my skin! Diet is a key component for me. I want to do a whole separate post about skincare. Since I am close friends with not one but TWO future estheticians, my skin should be gleaming in 2020.

Health goals like this are much easier to do when you have someone to do it with you! So automatically, my other half has no choice but to do this goal with me. Hey, that’s just the perks of being in a relationship with me.

Mental Health

2019 has broken me down, picked me up, and showed me sides I didn’t like. Reflecting is so important. Although I cannot change the curve balls life throws at me, I can change the way I
react. In 2020 I want to change the way I cope with things. I want to change my relationships with people. I cannot stress this enough but BOUNDARIES! BOUNDARIES! BOUNDARIES! They are so important and it’s okay to have them. One life tip that I value and practice is telling myself that not everything is your problem. I blame my Piscean nature to want to help everyone. My character has been tested and for that, I’m going to be more honest with myself. I am ready to get uncomfortable in 2020 but real. To myself and everyone around me. That’s called growth! *snap *snap

Happy New Year! What are your goals?

feature image by Sarah Pflug

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