Northern California Roadtrip: Avenue of The Giants

photo by Cameron Venti

The “Avenue of The Giants” is one of the must see spots for tourists when visiting Northern California. Just a four hour drive from San Francisco located in the Humboldt county, these giant redwoods will leave you in awe. Have you ever looked out into the ocean from ashore or looked up at the night sky and had that amazing feeling of being miniscule? This place will do just that.

The Drive

I’m not one to love long car rides because I tend to get car sick but this scenic drive is just too beautiful to not pay attention to. My only suggestion is to be more prepared with the snacks if you are traveling with kids! Once you past Ukiah, everything is spread out so make sure you stop for gas, get snack, etc whatever you need before you continue. Although the drive is scenic, it is very windy with curvy turns when you get closer to Eureka so go at a speed you are comfortable with. The crazy fast drivers in Norcal don’t make it easier either.

Avenue of The Giants

Once we got there, we were just so amazed at how big and almost surreal the sea of trees looked. I wore a long sleeve, a windbreaker, and workout leggings with the assumption that it was going to be cold and maybe even a hike? You just never know with nature ok!? Anyways, it was nothing like that. Being there in June, it was very hot but bring a light jacket just in case becuase like I said, you never know with mother nature.

Little one in a sea of green
ignore my beat up nike’s
This is the bottom of a Redwood! Can you spot my bf and daughter?

We just chose a random grove on the side of the road to snap some pics. I wish we could keep going into the forest but there was more things to see along this road. At the end of this road, we reached Myer’s flat where we paid $10 to drive through a tree. This location is 100% for those who want a photo op. Nothing big.

Not fit for cars wider than a sedan! Make sure your side mirrors can fold!

Side Shops

As a California local, I actually forgot that the legend of Bigfoot is a big thing here. So of course we had to stop at the Bigfoot side attractions for pics.

She’s so excited to see a monster!

The shops that we stopped at are located on the side of 101. You’ll see a bunch of signs for big foot so you won’t miss it! These shops sell cute souvenirs to wooden signs and garden gnomes. They also had this cute wooden house and wooden figures.

cute little play house
She asked me to take a picture of her with this cute wooden bear
More wooden figures

As we wrap up our mini road trip and head back home to the Bay, we look at al the lakes and rivers we drive past and think about how good theses spots would be for swimming. I guess we’ll save that for our next adventure.

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