5 Self-Care Tips for Drained Moms

We get it. Your children are your world. Your reason for living. Some may even say their purpose in life. But this post is here to tell you that it is ok if your little sunshine gets on your nerves sometimes and makes you want to get as far away from them as possible. Although that vacay would be nice, many great moms will feel guilt. Which is perfectly normal!

But you know what should be normal? Prioritizing yourself and not feeling guilty about it! So here are my list of self-care habits you should start doing because you, mama, hold it all together for your family! Take care of you for your kids and importantly, for yourself.

1) Sleep, rest, & relax

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When I was close to my due date, a lot of experienced moms gave me the advice to “sleep when baby sleeps”. There’s a reason for that. As soon as your baby goes to sleep, Rest! Relax! Or sleep if you can! Leave the mess in the kitchen. Don’t fold your laundry. Whatever it is that you have to do, it can wait! Sleep can do so much for you, especially for those new moms out there. Sleep can improve your mood and mental health. It’s hard to even think about napping in the face of everything that you need to do but sleep needs to come first.

2) Continue your hygiene. Take that shower!

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I don’t care how tired you are. Get in that shower! You will feel 100% better after a bath. Have someone watch your child or shower during their nap time. If that isn’t an option then have your baby take a shower with you! Take your baby’s tub in with you. You and your little one can both get clean. Of course, after your shower complete your routine with brushing your hair, putting on lotion, etc.

Brush your teeth & wash your face. A lot of new moms can get cavities for the first time due to your little one stealing your calcium. What parasites! am I right?! Totally kidding. Anyway, These little hygiene habits can make a big difference and get you through the day.

3) Hydrate and eat right

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You will be surprised at how much energy and overall wellness hydration can make you feel. If you’re like me and need reminding me to drink enough water throughout the day, keep a water bottle nearby and set an alarm to drink a certain amount. Diet is just as important. When my daughter was a newborn, my diet was a challenge for me. I was tempted to eat junk, I would skip meals, and even go some days without eating. That left me feeling weak and sluggish. Keep healthy snacks around you. Trust me, that bag of chips may make you feel good at the moment but a healthier option will have a better effect for you in the long run.

4) Get out of those pj’s and get dressed

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Get dressed in the morning even when you aren’t going anywhere. This action alone can trick your brain to get into work mode. Your mood in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Not only does getting ready change your mindset, it makes you feel good. Feeling prepared for the day is one of those small self care tips you can practice.

5) Get some sun!

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Strap your child in that stroller and go for a nice stroll in the sun because the sun can help improve your mental health! I mean, it makes sense since there is just this correlation between all things happy and sunshine. According to this article, the sun has a big part in our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is responsible for our “iternal clocks”. When it’s dark out, our bodies will release melatonin preparing us to sleep but when the sun comes up, we feel awake and alert. The circadian rhythm can help stablize bodily functions and put our hormones in check. So you can only imagine what staying indoors all day can do. Throwing off your circadian rhythm can affect your mental health. Luckily, we have Mr. Sun to help us correct our hormone imbalances. If you’re feeling dark and sad, go outside!

Prioritize Yourself ♥

There is room for you in your priorities. So don’t feel guilty when you just need time to yourself. You’re human. Take some time off, recollect yourself, then go back to being super mom. You will still be loved by your family and most importantly, you will love you.

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