Hello!! I’m Ariana. Thank you for actually clicking on my blog and actually reading what I have to say

About my blog…

My Life Is Together-ish is a lifestyle/mommy/health/art blog. I wanted to start something that has meaning and can also help others as well and what better time to start a blog as a twenty-sumthin mom who is struggling with social anxiety but also trying to get her life together by the time she’s 30?! This blog contains the latest niche I am currently obsessing about to the biggest fails I have made recently and of course but most importantly, learning to laugh at it. I hope that the stories or feelings I share with you can make you feel like it’s ok to not be together all the time and that whatever is on this blog can make you smile ūüôā

About me…

My boyfriend and I have a 2-year old that keeps us on our toes. They are both the reasons why my life is the way it is; exciting, full of laughs and lessons. They are what inspire and motivate me the most.

The Bay Area is home for me and I can not see myself living anywhere else.

I am #2 of 4. I have an older sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister. As a middle child myself, I can confirm that middle child syndrome is REAL.

I love taking pictures of people. It is a form of art for me,

I also have green babies….my houseplants are my pride and joy and I consider them to be my kids. *Don’t judge me here*

Although I am not a great cook or baker…I still like to attempt soooo you can find all my “expectation and reality” pictures in my together-ish tab if you want a good laugh.

This part of the internet is not only mine but I want to share it with you as well! Like I have mentioned before, I would like to help others with whatever. Advice, questions, requests, or just to talk. 

Please email me: arianaamanoni@mylifeistogetherish.com